Cruising Itinerary for 9th Annual Mastermind At Sea!!!

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YOU Have Been Privately Invited To Join 99 Other Select Authors, Speakers, Business Leaders, Industry Experts & CEOs… To Explode Your Business & Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever While Working Smarter & LESS!

From the desk of W. Roger Salam
Dear TWC members and invited guests:
If you’re reading this, you didn’t come here by accident; you were invited by me or by one of our members. We are excited to meet you and introduce you to other thought leaders.

I’ve always said, “The quality of your life is the quality of the people you associate with and listen to.” I have lived my life this way and can tell you from firsthand experience, that it is true. We at TWC, travel to events together and meet in different parts of the world but this event is one that is on the sea and has become a tradition within our elite organization. We invite you to join us for this trip where every minute will be an opportunity to meet quality people and expand your mind, heart and soul. The result? New outlooks on things within your business, new partners, new opportunities, and connections worldwide. Our members travel to this event from all corners of the world, many of them bring their spouses and families to share this incredible experience of a lifetime as well.

This voyage is the opportunity to get out and move your business, and shift your mindset. Also you will have the opportunity to spend time with your family and give them a glimpse of the type of high quality thought leaders you are associated with! Oh, and for you savvy business owners be sure to talk to your CPA about how you can use this as a tax write off expenses!

I would like to make a few things clear for the skeptics (BTW, I love skeptics, because when you earn a true skeptic’s trust, they become your most raving fan!)

Invitation Only

  • This is an INVITATION-ONLY Event and we do reserve the right to select who is included, in order to ensure the best possible synergies between members.
  • Private guest list is strictly limited to A Maximum of 100 primary attendees to create the opportunity to establish worthwhile deep relationships, that go beyond the typical hand shake and passing of a business card. Many of our members have met on the cruise and been not only joint venture partners, but have become friends. And who better to spend time with in business than friends?. Also, the conference room onboard only seats 100, so there is a very real limitation of space as well.
  • This is the most anticipated results-generating event The Winners Circle provides its members each year as part of their membership. TWC Members Receive Priority VIP Preference. If you are a non-member who has been invited to attend, your reservation will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (the earlier you apply the greater your chances of being accepted).

Roger’s Top 10 Reasons To Join The Winners’ Circle 9th Annual
Invitation-only Mastermind at Sea on Dec. 11-18, 2016

  • Build Relationships & Friendships Instead of Chasing Leads & Contacts —This is the cornerstone of my success. I don’t chase leads and manage contacts, I develop friendships and manage relationships. If you learn and adopt this as a business strategy, you’ll see a significant increase in your business with practically no marketing dollars. You’ll learn the system of how to do it and this alone is worth joining us!
  • Newest Discoveries While Working On Your Business – We are so busy working “in” our business that we don’t often take the time to work “on” our business. While aboard the cruise ship, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on your business for the next year. When you’re working alone in your own business, it’s hard to get new discoveries, but when you’re in the company of other like-minded and committed fellow entrepreneurs, you’re bombarded with new ideas and discoveries – not only from the content rich sessions, but all throughout the event – you just don’t know when a new idea is coming at you – you’ll receive a special creative capturing device so that you don’t miss a single good idea!!!
  • Raise Growth Capital & Discover The People Who Can Afford Your Services –Do you have higher price products & services? If not, you should if you believe in the value that it provides. Sometimes you don’t have to change anything or do anything differently to increase your revenue, but to find people who can afford your high priced (more profit) services & products. You’ll discover those people in one place instead of chasing them.
  • Reach The Unreachable –These days, we are all busy and running 100 miles an hour in all different directions. It’s very hard to reach the high-level movers & shakers these days, but you’ll find about 100 of them on this Mastermind at Sea captive for Seven days. If you were to reach this many people one at a time, it might take you months and some of them still may not be reachable, but you can reach them all here. You know exactly how far they can go! Instead of rush, rush, rush, you can sit down and have a drink or over dinner do business deals.
  • Find New Affiliates & Get Your JV Calendar Done For The Year! –Do you want new affiliates for your business? Do you do Joint Ventures? This is the fastest way to grow your business without spending a dollar. You’ll find 99 other hungry entrepreneurs looking to do JVs with each other and fill their speaking & JV calendar for 2017 in one single place. This is probably one of main reasons people come on the cruise to monetize their time and investment.
  • Best Practice Sessions –What’s working NOW! You’ll learn some of the hottest and cutting edge things in marketing, sales, customer service, client retention, and funding from fellow attendees as they share best practices in their business that are working today! This will be a SUPER INTENSE and lighting fast solutions session where other members are offering their solutions, resources, ideas, and interpretations and providing a fresh look at your business and marketing.
  • One Connection Away from Your Next Million Dollars – Structured Networking –When you put high powered people in a room, good things will happen regardless, but when you put structure, process and professional tools into the mix, magic happens! Over the years we have perfected the art of introductions and creating a process where you get to know the maximum number of people in the shortest period of time. One of the main reasons people come on the Mastermind at Sea is to create new relationships and not so much for the content sessions – and networking is the beginning of relationships.
  • NO Pitch Mastermind –This Mastermind is full of speakers and authors and info-marketers and I could have all of them speak and sell their products and services. Guess what? This is NOT that event. There will be speakers and they will speak, but only offer content. They will not ask you to run to the back of the room. What they will offer you is an opportunity to do JV with them and make money for each other.
  • Fun Time, Mix Business with Pleasure –Come to play with dolphins, go scuba diving, zip-lining, and other adrenaline rush activities or just lay on the beach and do nothing, just unwind! We work hard and we play hard. When we reach our destinations, we have a whole bunch of activities that you can sign up for. These activities are highly bonding and you’ll have photo memories to last a lifetime. These are the things that will make the event memorable. Bring your tuxedo and gowns for the last night’s awards banquet dinner and dance the night away!
  • Be Inspired & Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever –Do you want to make 2017 your best year ever and not just another year of incremental improvement? Get a head start – while most people are waiting to make plans in January, you can do all your planning in December and hit the road strong in January while they are getting over their hangover from the New Year’s party. You need to frequently, get out of the office and into a neutral environment, turn off the cell phone, and just T-H-I-N-K. This is a perfect opportunity to do just that. You’ll be inspired by the surrounding under the open sky and by the speakers’ content that we have planned for you!

To Join us

Make an important new business contact or mastermind partner. The entrepreneur’s experience can be a lonely one. It’s good to know like-minded, progressive, success-focused entrepreneurs & leaders you can talk to and visit with.

You’re one connection away, one idea apart from your next million or your first million. We have a proven track record of people who have accomplished this time and time again. We invite you to invest in you, resulting in an investment in your business that will take you to places you have never imagined.

YOU WILL,meet people from all over the country and make profitable friendships, while enjoying all the elegance of this amazing ship. Great people, Great food, Great mentors, Great motivation, all wrapped in a done for you experience on the beautiful open sea….only at The Winners Circle will these amazing things be possible


You Should Attend IF…

Time is the most precious gift we have, and here at TWC, we want to help you quickly identify if this event is right for you. Many of the guest attending are repeat cruise takers, but as a person looking at this for a first time, we wanted to point out a few things to help you decide if this time investment is right for you.

  • If you have a company that is ready to expand to international markets but lacks the experience and expertise to make the leap…then this event is for you.
  • If you have built a solid company but have no ownership or management succession strategy and need some guidance…then this event is for you.
  • If you are looking to meet other peers, people worthy of your successful experiences, who can bring you their valuable experience and resources to take your business to the next level…then this event is for you.
  • If you feel that you are not reaching your full potential, not due to lack of effort, but due to a limited reach of quality new opportunities….. then this event is for you.
  • If you are looking to pass information to others to help them grow personally or professionally… then this event is for you.
  • If you need a vacation, but can’t take time away from your business, then this event is for you.

If you have specific needs but not the resources to get those questions answered, or needs filled…. then this event is for you. Attend if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Experts
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Investors
  • Trainers
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs

These are just a few things that come to mind, but if you have some specific questions please contact us at We would love to have the opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

This has become a tradition and members and invited-guests have made this investment year after year. The investment is per person and includes double occupancy boardwalk balcony suite.
The investment is $9997/person double occupancy boardwalk balcony suite. Higher category suites are extra and on availability basis. Please click the REGISTER button to see pricing of higher category suites.
Spouse/partner is $4997 and children are extra (see triple and quad occupancy under registration button)
Investment Includes:
The investment is all inclusive and includes:

  • All TWC mastermind events aboard the ship,
  • Nightly Entertainment shows
  • TWC special gala awards show
  • Accommodation
  • All meals, taxes, port fees, and even gratuities
  • Profile Directory with all participating attendees
  • Video of keynote general sessions
  • Portrait Photoshoot (and family portrait if you’re attending with spouse and family)

What’s NOT Included:

Everything is included except your cost to getting to the port of departure and back to your city. We are departing from Port Canaveral, Florida (nearest major airport is Orlando, FL).

Welcome, You Have Been Privately Invited To Join 99 Other Select Business Leaders, Industry Experts, Thought Leaders & CEOs To Our event and it’s members will help catapult you personally and in business into new heights you never imagined would be possible.



Welcome: Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida icon-day1

Welcome aboard Oasis of the Seas!!!

Port Canaveral is your gateway to the Space Coast and the attractions of Central Florida. Visit the Kennedy Space Center, swim at Cocoa Beach or enjoy a fun-filled day at one of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks.

cruising-Itinerary1See, hear and touch NASA’s glorious past. Fun for the whole family.



Port of Call: Nassau, Bahamas

With dazzling beaches, turquoise waters, colorful past and vibrant Junkanoo culture, Nassau is a great place to sun and sightsee. The city is on New Providence Island; just offshore is Paradise Island, home to luxury hotels and resorts.

cruising-Itinerary2cruising-Itinerary2-2Atlantis is your stop for adventure and fun. Swim with dolphins or relax on the beachNassau is famous for its relaxing and beautiful beaches.



Whether you seek an adrenaline rush or total tranquility, our ships have it all. Try rock climbing, zip-lining and surfing 200 feet above the waves. Melt away land-based stress with a spa massage, build a scrapbook of memories or simply relax poolside.
More about onboard activities…




Port of Call: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomasicon-day4

Beyond the glitz of its famous shopping district, St. Thomas enchants with a fascinating history and natural scenery. Explore the island’s diverse heritage in Charlotte Amalie, or splash your way around at vibrant reefs or a gorgeous beach.

Discover why St. Thomas is called the “duty-free shopping capital of the world.” Relax and unwind at Magens Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Port of Call:Philipsburg, St. Maarten

One island, two cultures: welcome to St. Maarten. Experience Dutch and French culture and enjoy gorgeous coastline, lush tropical landscapes, a great selection of restaurants and plenty of duty-free shopping.

Compete in an actual race on an America’s Cup shortened course.Considered the French Riviera of the Caribbean.



Onboard, dining is about more than just food. Think ambience, variety and the flexibility to decide when and what you savor.
More about onboard activities…




When our ships hit the high seas, the excitement of Casino Royale® kicks off. Try your hand at our card tables, spin to win at roulette, and hit it big time with the pull of a slot machine.
More about onboard activities…




Port of Arrival: Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida

Port Canaveral is your gateway to the Space Coast and the attractions of Central Florida. Visit the Kennedy Space Center, swim at Cocoa Beach or enjoy a fun-filled day at one of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks.

See, hear and touch NASA’s glorious past. Fun for the whole family.Take an exciting and educational airboat tour through the river of grass.

Questions? Contact US

Questions? Contact US

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